• Microsoft Confirm Buyout of RPG Heavyweights Obsidian Entertainment and InXile Entertainment

Cute horror game 《Narin: The Orange Room》launched on Steam

Publisher Urnique Studio announced that the horror adventure game “Narin: The Orange Room” produced by RedSensation Games and released for PC will be released in 2023, and the Steam page is now online.This game is a survival horror game from a third-person perspective with a girl with a sixth sense, “Narin” as the protag

Weekly UK charts: Sniper Elite 5 tops the charts in its first week of release!

The sales list of the UK physical version of the game in the latest week was released, and the newly released “Sniper Elite 5” topped the list, but the sales were 64% lower than the previous game. However, in recent years, players are more choosing the download version, so The sales volume of the game is subject to the release of the o

Should not be missed! GameSpot selects the 10 best games in the Resident Evil series

As one of Capcom’s most well-known game series, “Resident Evil” first launched in 1996, and has launched a number of excellent original and derivative works. Recently, the foreign media GameSpot selected the top 10 works of the “Resident Evil” series. Let’s take a look at which works GameSpot selected the 10

Ara: History Untold

A new 4X grand strategy game, “Ara: History Untold”, was announced at Microsoft’s Xbox press conference before, which looks a bit like “Kingdom Storm 3” + “Civilization”. The game has recently been put on the Steam store page, showing some images of the early version of the game, but the specific release d

Cairo game “Department Store Story” and other three games are on Steam! Will be released soon

Cairo Games’ simulation business games “Department Store Story”, “Summer Water Park Story” and “Gourmet Dream Story” are now available on Steam, and all three games will be officially released on July 4.In “Department Store Story”, players will run their ideal department store. Many beautiful h

vampire rise

What do the V Rising developers think are most needed? According to the survival game’s creators, Stunlock Studios, they’re working to make the final “Vampire Rise” 1.0 version an “evolution” of the game while also “extending its lifespan” to the game.In a new interview with SegmentNext, developer St

Hostile Mars

“Hostile Mars” is a new 3D base building tower defense game. Players gather resources, build automated factories and defense facilities in an open world, and defeat waves of incoming drone enemies. The game was independently developed by a developer using the U3D engine. It is currently on the Steam page and is expected to be launched

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

The “Pokémon” game has been born for 26 years, and as the latest work of GF, “The Legend of Pokémon: Arceus” has made great adjustments. In addition to inheriting the classic RPG style of the series, the biggest difference is this game. With the addition of action elements, you can experience the excitement and freshness of

《Diablo: Immortal》received a high score of 4.7 in the Japanese server IOS store

Recently, “Diablo: Immortal”, which has been launched globally, has maintained a high degree of popularity amid the controversy, and the news surrounding its “Immortal” is endless. And a news about the IOS store rating of “Diablo: Immortal” in the Japanese server has attracted the attention of players.In the Jap

《Overwatch 2》 designer: the follow-up will give priority to adding milk support roles

Since Blizzard announced at the Xbox and Bethesda Shows that “Overwatch: Homecoming” will officially log in on October 5, many fans have been eager to get new news about the game. As it turns out, the fans’ patience has finally paid off. Overwatch’s lead hero designer, Geoff Goodman, was interviewed recently to discuss the